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Outer Hour Glass Image: represents the time it takes to mature in our martial arts system.

M.A.I.: stands for Martial Arts Institute and when worn over your heart it also will say:"MY" Kenpo
meaning that we teach a tailored system that is designed to meet everyone's needs.

Kenpo: is the style of martial arts that we teach at our school.

Tiger and Dragon: is a big part of most Chinese martial arts and in many Kenpo/Kempo system.

Swords: represents the Honor involved in my martial arts.

Triangle: is the fulcrum points that we use in our martial arts training.

Flame: is the spirit in our system and it is the inner flame that burns the brightest

M.A.I. Coat of Arms was created  and established in 1998 by Sifu Erick G. Fallon. It was designed with tremendous dedication and a hole lot of determination. With well over 20 years in the martial art, Sifu Fallon owes his success to his Teachers, Martial Arts Institute and to his fellow students.