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 Kosho Ryu Kempo

James Mitose 1916-1981

Mr.James Mitose was born in Hawaii in 1916, then sent to Japan at a young age to learn his families tradition and their martial art, Kosh-ryu. In the 1930's he returned to Hawaii and taught the art to the American soldiers stationed on the Island. In 1942 Mr.Mitose started the official self-defense club at Beretania Mission in Honolulu, where he taught his families art to the public. Among his students were Mr.William K.S. Chow, who would become one of Kenpo's most noted instructor.Kosho-ryu was originally developed by the Koshopi monks of Japan who combined Jujitsu
and other Japanese cultural tradition with the Shaolin Chuan fa Kung fu systems brought to Japan from China. Kosho-ryu is a spiritual/philosophical system that includes many of the martial arts known today . Much of what is now Kenpo came from Mr.James Mitose's Kosho-ryu Mr.William Chow was a house boy and a student of Mr.James Mitose. Although a loyal and dedicated student Mr.Chow later altered the Kosho-ryu taught to him by Mr.Mitose adding techniques from the Chinese martial arts. Streetfighters are generally not looked upon as great combat masters, but   Mr.William Chow was both. Mr.Chow was both a great martial artist and innovators and a brutal, deadly combatant.  Mr. Chow had studied Kung fu in Hawaii before breaking away to join Mr. James Mitose and develop the Kenpo system in the 1940's.  Mr.Chow's Kenpo was developed as a response to the violence that was a commonplace in the pre-statehood Hawaii. It is a quick, vicious style which allows a defender to defeat more than one attacker simultaneously.  Mr.William Chow lived to see only the beginning of his new era for the system was his life's work.