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Professor Erick G. Fallon's  LIVING KENPO TREE! 
You must finish the system and achive your  Third Degree Black belt before receiving your proper title of either Sifu or Simo.

Simo  Cheryl Fallon                                                     

Sifu  Buddy J. Fallon
Sifu Richard Fusco
Mr.Justin Pascone

Mrs.Tanya Steward

Mr. Steven Ngoi

Jr. Black belt - Peter Ngoi 
Jr. Black belt -  Jonathan Vassallo 

 Jr. Black belt - Eric Fisher

Jr. Black belt - Pedro Contresa

Jr. Black belt - Bryson Hobbs

Jr. Black belt -  Tylor Calhoon

Jr. Black belt - Ryan Diaz

Jr. Black belt - Nathanuel Campos

Jr. Black belt - Erik Andersen

Jr. Black belt - Larisa Futado

Jr. Black belt - Michael Fonseca

Jr. Black belt - Sarah Charlesworth