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I come to you with only Karate; "empty hands." I Have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself,
my principles or my honor.  Should it be a matter of
life or death, right or wrong, then here are my weapons,
Karate; "empty hands."

Mr. Edmund K. Parker

This Kenpo Creed is designed to enlighten us when to use martial arts and the amount of force one should put forth an a giving situation.

What is Karate?  Karate meaning; Empty Hands is a  traditional training method in were one uses kicks, blocks and hand strikes to defend themselves.
The creed also talks about Principles and Honor and to defend them. You can defend your Principles and Honor without the use of force.  We call this in martial arts; "Fighting without Fighting".  For example: a child gets pushed at school, what should the child do?  Well in the Kenpo Creed, it talks about life or death, so only in a life or death situation should the practitioner use their martial arts, so In  my opinion the child should not use force,but tell the appropriate people.

The Kenpo Creed also mentioned right or wrong.  This does not mean you should use your martial arts for the wrong reasons, but  if you engage in combat that you should not worry about right or wrong, because this will only cloud up your reactions time. 

 In conclusions the Kenpo Creed is a guideline to tell us why we should use our martial arts, when to use our martial arts and how much force we should use