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Grandmaster Edmund Parker was a native of Honolulu, Hawaii.  He was a student of Professor, William K.S. Chow and a graduate of Brigham Young University in Prove Utah, where he obtained a B.S degree in Sociology and Psychology.

Mr. Parker realized the need for new improvement in the modern day methods of martial arts.  To fulfill his needs, he had developed revolutionary concept and theories that are practical not classical.  As a result his innovative concept and ideas have enhanced the Martial Arts in America.

Mr. Parker was one of America's foremost Karate pioneers.  He was considered to be the"Father" of American Karate
.  He opened the first  Karate school in 1954 and had his second school established in 1956. He has taught many well known entertainment personalities like Elvis Presley, Robert Wagner, George Hamilton and many others.  Mr. Paker was the Technical Advisor for T.V. and the movies in America.   He was the first to publish a Karate Free Style Competition Rule booklet. Mr. Parker has been one of the most successful influences in Martial Arts of today.